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Now that I've been here and I've been seeing life through different eyes—just getting letters from all around the world—I have a lot of compassion for things that are going on around me that are so much more important than things I ever thought about. The year-old was writing back to her fans as well, and E! Having to talk to her visitors through glass—and not being able to hug her dad on Father's Day—made her feel like a criminal, she said. It's hard, but I'm stronger every day.

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She was claustrophobic, Paris added, which made her tiny cell feel all the more tiny, but she had adjusted. Sleep was a nonstarter, however, because the cell block never really quieted down at night. As her release date neared, she was excited and proud of herself that she had made it. In a way I'm really glad this happened because it changed my life forever. She still felt primed to turn over a new leaf, but at the same time, she was fully of the belief that she had been unfairly punished. I get followed by paparazzi all day.

Why would I have the audacity to do that? The day sentence shocked her because "that doesn't happen ever" and her attorney predicted she'd get community service. Though this could easily be interpreted as the complaints of an entitled celebrity, at the time Hilton's sentence was shockingly long, in that jail time was even involved at all. One celebrity DUI arrest after another usually ended in a plea deal and probation, along with counseling, fines, etc.

She may have gone out a lot, she said, but she didn't do drugs and she wasn't a big drinker. She was just She added, "People make up so many crazy stories.

From prison coaches to the squat and cough: Exactly what it's like to be a celebrity in jail.

The things I read about and things I see is not the person who I am. It really baffles me sometimes when I read things—the places I've never been, people I've never met—it's really shocking to me. Then the audience will believe you. The worst is to try to deny it. And I think that's hard to take. That didn't happen, at least not as far as it was ever splashily announced, but Paris would delve into other charitable endeavors, such as work with Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Like the end of the celebutante-gone-wild era itself, Paris' image rehabilitation didn't happen overnight.

Apparently already over talking about how her experience had changed her, she was none too pleased when David Letterman bemusedly asked her about jail when she visited the Late Show in October , snapping, "I'm not answering any more questions about it. I'm here for my clothing line, my movie and my perfume. I'm not here to talk about that. In addition to perfume, she's had her name on clothes, shoes, handbags, hair extensions and much more over the years, not even including all of the TV shows touting a glimpse at life with Paris. The Genetic Opera , caused a lot of head-scratching.

And at the same time, she was in on the joke. She didn't entirely learn her lesson: In July Paris was questioned about alleged pot smoking while attending the World Cup in South Africa, but was soon free to go after a friend said she was the one carrying pot. A couple weeks later Hilton was stopped at a private airport on Corsica after security found marijuana in her purse, but after determining it was less than a gram, they let her go.

Her defense attorney at the time said she would be completing an outpatient program.

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But since then I love music. I love entertaining people.

She accompanied members of the British royal family at high-profile events, was familiar with many world leaders. In total, what Karimov did, and you cannot list: she graduated from Harvard, headed dozens of enterprises, was a fashion designer, a professional jewelry designer, released her own line of perfumes and clothes.

At the same time she had black belts in a number of martial arts, spoke fluently in four languages, wrote poems and under the stage name Googoosha occupied the first lines of the charts with their songs. In the video for one of her songs, she starred with the actor Gerard Depardieu. This woman never denied herself anything. The diplomat recalls that during his work in the country Gulnara controlled the entire print and advertising market.

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At some point, the images of Karimova on the streets were met almost more often than photographs of her father. Up to a certain point, it was believed that the eldest daughter of the President of Uzbekistan was an inviolable person. The chairman of many charitable foundations, the deputy foreign minister, the representative of Uzbekistan to the UN, the country's ambassador to Spain - she became the most popular and public figure of the entire Uzbek political elite.

In many ways, this contributed to the activity of the daughter of the Uzbek leader in social networks. Behind its page in Twitter followed both in Uzbekistan itself its microblogging eclipsed in terms of its information content in local news media and in the whole world. Her Twitter Began to be called the leading Uzbek media. The publication of various scandalous disclosures was considered a kind of promotion as a possible successor to the father.

However, when Gulnara Karimov was deprived of diplomatic immunity, it became clear that not everyone in the family is so rosy. The fact that dissatisfaction with the oldest daughter of the permanent Uzbek leader began to increase confirmed the interview of his youngest daughter, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, to journalists.

Then many missed Gulnara in the chair of the president. However, her sister appreciated the chances of taking the place of her father as low. Lola also said that for more than 12 years, she has not communicated with Gulnara.

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The incident was then compared with the effect of a bombshell. Barts last weekend. Read Next.

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