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The purpose of this guide is to give you info that you need to make helping someone get out of jail a little less stressful. If you have questions, feel free to ask it in the comment section below, and any tips or comments that would be a benefit to others would be much appreciated. You can also find the same information about anybody who has been arrested or discharged in the last 24 hours.

Jail inmates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

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If your friend or family member is locked up at a different jail you should look here: Georgia County Jails Directory. A mugshot, also known as a booking picture, is the photograph taken by the police when you get booked into jail. A mugshot is actually one face photo and a profile photo. Your name and jail ID number will be on the mugshot, and they are stored. When viewing online you have to put in their name, and a booking date, if you know it. This can be tricky, as the mugshot is public record.

You have to file a Petition to Expunge with the court.


This means that all of your arrest records would be sealed, and will not be accessible. It is difficult to do this, and you will most likely need the services of a lawyer. For more information about getting your mugshot taken down, the different websites with mugshots, and the websites that offer to remove your mugshot for you: How To Remove Your Mugshot from the Internet. Obviously, once you are arrested and put in jail, your only thought is when and how to get out. If you do bail out you will have to agree to be there for your court date, and until that day you must not travel out of the county.

If you prove to be trustworthy, you might be given work release detail. Bail is the amount of money that you have to pay to get out of jail until you go to court. Your bail amount is determined by what crime you are charged with and how serious it is. You can also see the bail amount online. Having to get someone out of jail is never fun, but usually, its really easy if you have the money.

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First of all, find out if they have a Cash Only Bond situation. The money you pay to the bail bondsman is non-refundable and bondsmen usually only accept cash. If their bail has been set particularly high, the bondsman will in most cases ask to use your assets as collateral for the bond in addition to whatever their charges are. To contact a local bail bondsman click here: How to find a bail bondsman.

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Have you ever used a bondsman for yourself, a family member or friend? If you have, please share your experience in a comment below, and let us know how things turned out. Click here to leave a comment. Have you ever been arrested and gone through processing at jail?

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If so, please tell us what happened. How long did you have to wait in the holding cell? How were you treated? Can you share any tips that might help other people that get arrested make it through the procedure? Click here to comment. When you pay your bail, you will be discharged from jail. Getting discharged will take anywhere between 10 minutes to all day long. In other words the faster you post bail, the faster you will get discharged.

For a minor charge, you will simply be booked and get released without having to post bail. When you get to the end of your sentence and have a date of your release, plan to be released that morning. If you have a warrant, report to the jail reception area, and tell them that believe that there could be an outstanding arrest warrant out for you.

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  • When reporting to serve a sentence, go to the jail at the time and date that the sentence order states. Be sure that you are not late to report. In order to have visitors, inmates must give information about each visitor to the jail in advance of any visit. Each and every visitor will have to provide acceptable photo identification. Anyone that gets to visitation or that does not have a visitation order will be turned away. Visitation procedures change often, so double-check the jail site before go to the jail to visit an inmate.

    Phone calls that inmates are allowed to make from jail are with a pre-paid phone card or account, or are collect calls. Calls made in jail are typically more expensive than phone calls made outside of jail. Phone calls are restricted on how often you can use the phone, but inmates must keep in mind that every inmate wants to use the phone too, so they can call their family. All mall sent to inmates has to be sent using the actual US Postal Service. You cannot use any other type of delivery.

    You are only allowed to make so many phone calls in jail, so make sure to get a friend or family member to locate an attorney for you. The quicker you get an attorney working on your criminal case, the better your chances. For more info on this, read our guide: How to Find an Attorney.

    If you cannot afford a lawyer, you will get a public defender. Public Defenders are bona-fide attorneys who are admitted to the State Bar and are legally licensed to represent you in court and practice law. Have you ever had to use a court appointed attorney? Do you think they properly handled your case? All court records are public records. Court records contain a court case file containing a sheet called a docket sheet and every documents filed in the case.

    You have the ability to access the records and documents in your court case with the online service, or at the Morgan County Clerk of Court. The Clerk of Court is an officer and clerk of the court who manages the records. They also administer the oath when court is in session, and also read the verdict when the jury makes their final decision. All records and documents related to your court case are available at the Morgan County Clerk of Court.

    Court costs and court fees are the costs from your court case, such as filing fees, motion fees and various court charges. The Morgan County magistrate is the judge that will preside over your court case. They do different tasks, such as setting bail, writing arrest warrants, and acting as the presiding judge over preliminary and procedural court proceedings and detention proceedings. Reports state that the man said he arrived at the hotel at 1 a.

    An officer reported there was glass on the ground near where the complainant said he had parked.

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