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Help filling out forms. Free legal advice clinics are another option where you may be able to get help filling out forms. File the lawsuit.

When you have filled out your Petition, the next step is to file the lawsuit with the clerk of the court. If you are using eFiling, see number 3 above. A lawyer can tell you if one of these forms will work for you. Spanish-speaking parenting time specialists are also available. This website will give you information about making your way through the court system, but it is important to remember that the information provided is basic, general information only and may not cover everything that is involved in your case.

Click the link below to chat with a person from AM to PM, Monday through Friday, except after hours or on most federal holidays. The Statement may be used to file papers with the court clerk without paying a filing fee. Use this form if you cannot afford to pay court fees because you have a very low income.

Fees may or may not be waived. It is up to the Judge to decide whether to waive the court costs. The Judge may ask for a hearing to decide whether you are unable to pay the court costs. This cost may vary by county.

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Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount. Be prepared to present evidence of your income and expenses at a hearing if the Court requests. We are here to help make your uncontested divorce as easy, quick, and stress-free as possible. After completing a short online interview, we review your completed forms and help customize them to meet your state and county requirements.

We take into consideration all the different factors such as: children, income, assets, and many more.

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Generally speaking, we help you prepare all the required documents and provide you with complete guidance. You will gain access to your completed, ready-to-print and sign paperwork without any lengthy delays. We firmly believe that time is money. Work with us, and we will help you save both.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Online Divorce in Texas is quick and easy. See if you qualify for Online Divorce. Have you and your spouse agreed on the key divorce issues? Not sure.

Texas divorce details Disclaimer : DivorceFiller is not a law firm and its services, website and forms are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Uncontested Divorce in Texas In contrast to contested divorce, an uncontested divorce takes place when both spouses come to an agreement on all terms of the divorce. Grounds for divorce in Texas Choosing the appropriate type of divorce begins with identifying the root causes of it; one must know the differences between Fault and No-Fault divorces. State law indicates one ground for a No-Fault divorce and six grounds for a Fault divorce.

No-Fault Divorce The only ground for a No-Fault divorce is when there are irreconcilable differences between the two spouses. Fault Divorce Fault divorces are not as common nowadays as they were before. Check Eligibility. Texas Residency Requirements to File for Divorce A central requirement for all divorces is residency within the applicable state for a certain time period. The divorce itself is usually filed in the county where the filing spouse resides. How to File for an Uncontested Divorce in Texas? The Civil Case Information Sheet includes general information on the spouses of the divorce proceeding.

The person filing the divorce must fill out this document, sign it, and file it in court with the Original Petition for Divorce. The Original Petition for Divorce is a document that needs to be filed by the petitioner the divorce initiator in order to commence the divorce proceeding in court. It provides information regarding the marriage and requests that a judge grant a divorce based on the grounds it refers to, and then issue an Order dissolving the marriage.

In sum: prepare the Petition, sign it, and file it in court.

After the Petition is filed, the court will stamp it for approval. You must provide your spouse with a copy of the filed petition. The spouse must then sign the Waiver of Citation form and get it notarized. This document confirms that they agree with what is laid out in the Petition and the fact that the divorce is uncontested.

After you receive the signed and notarized Waiver, file it with the court clerk.

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After the Petition has been filed with the court, the day waiting period begins. According to Texas law, the court could not grant a divorce during this period. The "waiting" or "cooling-off" period, in the case of a no-fault divorce, officially gives the spouses time to resolve their conflicts, and an opportunity to reconsider getting the divorce. The next stage is filing the Final Decree of Divorce which contains all the terms and agreements of your divorce. It is drafted by the petitioner: they must sign it and get it notarized. The judge will then sign it when they approve the divorce.

Attend a "Prove-Up Hearing" to finalize your divorce. Only the petitioner is required to attend this hearing.

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This is a very short hearing where the judge will sign your Agreed Final Decree of Divorce. The divorce is final as soon as the judge pronounces it in open court and signs the decree of divorce. Bring it to your hearing in order to obtain one or more copies of the signed and dated Agreed Final Decree of Divorce. Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Texas For couples who wish to save time and money when drafting a divorce without having to involve lawyers or mediators, do-it-yourself divorce may be the solution.

Who is a good candidate? You and your spouse are able to peacefully negotiate the terms of the divorce. Both of you are employed and financially independent.

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Neither of you have a lot of assets nor debts. How long does it take to get divorced in Texas? The traditional divorce process in Texas ranges anywhere from 7 - 19 months. How to serve your spouse in Texas Texas's waiting period begins the day you file your petition, not the date you officially serve your spouse with the papers. Approved by the Supreme Court of Texas, the following forms are used in agreed divorces that do not involve child custody or property division issues Affidavit of Indigence.

Original Petition for Divorce. Waiver of Service.

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Final Decree of Divorce. Certificate of Last Known Address. Notice of Change of Address. This must be filed if you or your spouse relocates. Affidavit of Military Status This informs the Court whether or not your spouse is on active military duty. Online Divorce in Texas Nowadays, online divorce is becoming increasingly popular due to its low costs, fast process, and flexibility. Rules for Spousal Support in Texas Texas isn't very friendly to the idea of alimony.