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If you request in person, you will be asked to submit valid identification please see links at the left and we will review your legal authority to obtain a copy of this record. The department has since failed to provide additional records. The San Francisco Police Department has released only partial documentation from four shootings by officers — and no disciplinary records. The department has said promptly releasing the files is too taxing, and it has invoked a dozen extensions.

A spokesman said the SFPD is hiring 11 people to respond to requests. The failure to disclose police records under the new law is also happening among law enforcement agencies in Southern California. The Los Angeles County Probation Department, which supervises youths held in detention, has declined to release records, claiming disclosure about cases involving minors is prohibited by law. Records from the department, which also also supervises adults, could be redacted to remove names of protected individuals.

Villanueva has refused to search for records, instead demanding that reporters identify specific cases they are seeking. The documents also showed that Mandoyan had admitted to having a tattoo linked to a secret society of deputies. The Los Angeles Police Department has released more than a dozen files and is issuing additional documents on a rolling basis. The California Supreme Court is also considering a case that could limit the amount that agencies can charge for review and redaction. Some agencies destroyed records before they could be turned over to the public.

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News agencies opposed the union. The court sided with the media organizations in May, paving the way for records to be released. Police shooting investigations can amass hundreds of pages of witness statements, forensic reports and officer interviews as well as video and audio files. County Counsel Andrew Naylor said this was a routine purge, completely unrelated to the law. But many of the records that were destroyed had already been kept years beyond their required retention dates, and were potentially responsive to pending public records requests.

Naylor said the fact that they were destroyed just days after they became disclosable was a coincidence. Attempts by several police unions to ask judges to block the release of records have largely failed.

Opinion: What Will It Take to Get the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to Obey the Law?

The unions argued the new law did not apply to records of incidents that happened before Jan. Or records only include births that occurred in Santa Barbara County. Please allow weeks from the date of birth for certificate copies to be available for purchase. For help requesting records for births that occurred outside of Santa Barbara County, the Los Angeles County Recorder has an Out of County reference page with contact information for other counties and states.

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