Woman who invented first car heater history

The rapidly growing automobile industry led by Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company produced new and better models every year. Increased wages and lower cost vehicles through mass production made cars increasingly affordable, although 3 out of 4 cars were bought on installment plans which is basically how people today finance their cars. Henry Ford, had a lot of profits from his Model T Ford , became complacent.

He was unwilling to acknowledge the changing nature of the marketplace and it almost proved to be his undoing. People wanted a different car than the Model T. America in the s was a rich and ambitious place.

What Do You Know About the History of the Automobile?

Its consumers wanted more than functional cars - they wanted their cars to reflect on their status, they wanted to feel rich. Although the s was a difficult time for many small, independent car makers, it was a great time for some of the larger independents: Packard, Willy-Overland, Hudson, Nash, and Studebaker. Cord , a former race car driver and salesman, joined the Auburn Automobile Company in which was sagging at that time.

He turned the company around. He understood what the consumers wanted, therefore he built 's automobiles which were sturdy, sleek, reliable, and more expensive than the rest. But they were popular. He soon joined forces with the Duesenberg brothers, Fred and Augie, to produce a line of passenger cars that would be the envy of the entire industry, including the modest Model A Duesenberg and later in the s, the lavish Model J. One of the biggest motoring events of was the release of the "new Ford", the Model A , which replaced the long-standing Model T after 18 years of production.

New makes of 's cars proliferated - from the low cost Model T Ford through to the even more expensive Rolls Royce. Most of the carmakers no longer exist or have been amalgamated but many of the old car names like Buick , Cadillac , Chevrolet - GM Motors , Dodge , Fiat , Ford , Lincoln , and Oldsmobile live on today. Another large name in automobile history appeared during this time. His name - Walter P. His rise in the s was meteoric, brought on by his enormous capacity for work, equaled only by his tremendous zest for life.

He wanted to be a part of automobile's production and development. He worked for GM before retiring in , a man financially set for life. But he was restless. He went back to work, unsuccessfully trying to revive the ailing Willys-Overland company.

More 1920's Cars Got Built

He then went to revitalize the ailing Maxwell Motor Company with three young engineers. He then went on to develop one of the most popular of the cars, his Chrysler Six , a car equipped with a new high-compression engine. Later, he realized that for his 's cars to be able to compete in a marketplace dominated by GM and Ford, he had to do something different. He had that opportunity when an offer to purchase Dodge came in The Dodge brothers had died of influenza.

With the purchase, he acquired the Dodge name, its factories, and perhaps most important of all, its nationwide network of dealers. A year later, Chrysler introduced two more marquees, De Soto and Plymouth , both of which established Chrysler as one of the era's greatest makers of 's cars.

9 Times Women Changed The Automobile Industry

Before this, ads had focused on specifications, engine horsepower, and features but the late 's brought in the style of advertising that appeals to people's emotions rather than intellect pretty much like the modern type of advertisement. They accomplished this by varying the range of colors, making improvements in the interior of the car, and by overall improvements in how the cars handle. The influence of the old English horse-drawn coach livery, were obvious as color and design of the new cars borrowed from horse-drawn coaches.

Color and design were prime selling point.

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This invention was long lasting. Today, heater has got its own importance and become an important feature of any car model. Wilcox has set a great and inspiring example of women power.

World's First Car!

The information given above clearly depicts that women have power to achieve anything. The new era will be marked as a revolutionary change by women empowering the deed to bring a depth change in the world.

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    The History of Car Heaters

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