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Judyth was 19 years old, a whiz kid with a knack for winning science fairs in her hometown of Bradenton, Florida. According to her memoirs, a chance encounter scored her a summer research position at a cancer lab in New Orleans. Arriving in town before her job was to begin, she waited tables by day and acquiesced to dates with Lee most nights. Lee nicknamed her Juduffki. Baker paints Lee as debonair, adventurous, and, above all, amorous: a Kennedyesque double.

He is a man of integrity — opting to sit in the back of segregated city buses. He is a great kisser. Soon, the dates of this adulterous affair turn increasingly bizarre: meetings with mafioso and other denizens of the New Orleans underworld, target practice at a secluded waterfront. They break up but soon reunite. All the while, Lee gradually ropes Baker in on a second, more sinister assassination plot, one he not only opposes but also must stop, or die trying.

They separate with plans to rendezvous in the Yucatan. She returns to Florida with her husband, while Lee travels to Dallas to attempt to save the life of President Kennedy. There, many of the conference speakers and attendees believe, he was framed and killed, after seeking to tip off the FBI about his knowledge of the anti-Kennedy cabal.

And Nelson Delgado, a marine who was stationed alongside Lee and taught him Spanish. None of these stories was all that much interesting in and of itself, but each pointed to a new direction in how we remember Lee, how we interpret Lee, what we talk about when we talk about Lee. He went off to work that last morning, leaving the dregs of instant coffee in a plastic cup, and in two days he ascended to the summit of our national obsessions — he became our First Ghost. On November 22, , beneath a clear and sunny Dallas sky, a man named Lee Harvey Oswald might or might not have fired three shots from a 6.

But each time we go searching for truths behind grassy knolls, the historical bloodletting renews again. We seek the truth — in our daily lives and the lives of others. We search for meaning in events large and small: the unexpected and violent death of a president, a boy who skips school because he loves the zoo. We attempt to uncover cosmic plots embedded within or hidden behind the most mundane of places: Christmas cards, family photographs, the women he dated. But the truth never comes. Across the street, the Mississippi River rolls silent and invisible, hidden behind a steep levee.

Inside the spacious saloon, mixed in among the old tin-sign tackiness and seasonal Halloween decor, balloons and birthday bunting gleamed amid the neon, Lynchian glow. Scanning the packed barroom I located Judyth Baker standing along the far wall. I squeezed my way through the crowd in time to watch her insert the final candle into the top of a two-tiered sheet cake.

Taken following his arrest in Dallas, hours after allegedly shooting the president, the photo shows the soon to be most notorious man in America at the point of maximum unraveling, as he becomes, guilty of the crime or not, wholly untethered to the world. He is unshaven, sweaty, and nervous.

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That imperfect left eyebrow is swollen and scabbed with blood. On Friday, he wrapped up his first week at a new job: sorting textbooks at a warehouse overlooking Dealey Plaza. That evening, his wife surprised him with a birthday cake. Lee cried as he struggled to blow out his candles.

Yes, life can be that strange.

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As the song drew to a close, Baker leaned over as if to kiss the photograph of Lee atop the cake and blew out all 13 candles. For the sake of the story. For the love of the South. A Birthday Party for This Patsy? She wore a button the size of a Kennedy half-dollar: pinned to her blouse, fastened just above the heart, imprinted with image and text that were impossible to read from a distance, much less through the scrum of supporters that dogged her every step. Weaving through the congregation of conference attendees — shaking hands, receiving hugs from strangers — she dressed purposefully, solemnly, in black, like a widow in mourning or a person seeking the safety of the clandestine life.

But there was no escaping this crowd. They had come to see her, support her, to reach out and touch the arms belonging to Judyth Vary Baker, the woman who once knew and loved Lee Harvey Oswald.

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Kris Millegan, the Oswald conference's organizer, below. Baker shares her version of history with other Oswald acolytes. Baker cuts the birthday cake. Email Address. Sign Up.

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And what she might be missing is the vast community of support that exists for NICU moms. Help her out by giving her this list of websites to check out. They have so much to offer, including peer mentoring:.

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If you want to do more, or if you simply don't have time to offer, then these gifts are some really awesome ways to show you care. Keep in mind - many NICU moms say they received no gifts whatsoever after the birth of their baby, so you can do something incredible by remembering and showing you care.

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If you received a gift that you loved and don't see here, add it to the comments! We all want to know! Laminated, double-sided original art can be hung on incubators, cribs, or anywhere nearby. Have you ever seen a wedding "guest book" where everyone signs their name to a leaf on a tree? We took that idea and created a poster specifically for the NICU. Framable, original illustrations make a perfect and thoughtful gift.

Figure out her favorite place to go and get her a gift certificate. If she doesn't have one, find a reputable and safe massage place and get your friend a gift certificate there. She might not feel up to using it right away, but then again she might be dying to have a quiet hour when she can be pampered. Either way, you're giving her something thoughtful.

All that driving to and from the NICU adds up.

So if you're looking for a more practical gift, the type of gift that says "Hey, I get it" then stick a gas station gift card together with a thoughtful note, and know that you've done well. So while your NICU mom friend is up late at night pumping, worrying about her little one, if she's like most mommies she'll be online. A gift of Amazon Prime membership will open the doors to amazing fast shipping on anything she needs, and it also gives her the gift of a huge selection of streaming videos to watch any day, any time.

I'm in love with Prime, and it's an incredible gift to give. Any NICU mom who is pumping will need a way to deliver her milk to the hospital while keeping it cool.