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Whois is simply a plain text protocol that returns information from a database of Internet resources. It can reveal the owner or registered user of a resource; that may be a domain name, an IP address block or an autonomous system number ASN. Information returned includes physical addresses, email addresses of system staff, names and phone numbers.

The DNS name servers of a domain are also displayed. Many domain registration services allow a private listing in which the details of the domain owner can be hidden, these became popular following the prevalence of spam being directed at domain owners. The Finger protocol allowed you to "finger" a remote host and the response from the plaintext protocol would reveal who was actually logged on to the system and how long they had been logged on.

Whois is still a simple plaintext protocol that has a server component that listens on TCP port Clients establish a connection to this port and transmit a text record with the domain or IP address that is to be queried against the Whois database. Since the protocol is so simple a telnet client can be used to query the whois service. With whois being a simple plain text protocol it is possible to use a standard telnet or netcat client to access whois data.

It is, of course, possible to define the maximum number of alerts to receive per hour. You can enable an email summary to get a summarized version of the plugin activities for the day, week, or month. There are separate options to import or export plugin settings to or from other websites. Try Wordfence Security. Choosing the best security plugin between Sucuri vs Wordfence relies heavily on your level of expertise and requirements.

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On top of that, since we are comparing Wordfence Security and Sucuri Security, the two most popular security plugins for WordPress, both of them will provide you with an excellent level of security. You won't be let down by either of these two plugins in reality - it's mostly a matter of which plugins seems to appeal most to you.

Both of these companies are also large, reputable companies, who offer great support in case something goes belly up, so you can rest assured of that too.

You might also want to have a bit of a look at the pricing of each of these plugins below. We do believe that both Sucuri and Wordfence comes with excellent value.

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After all, is there a price you would put on the loss of reputation and business which comes with suffering a hacking attack? But let's give you a bit of a compare and contrast of WordFence vs Sucuri, in terms of what could be defined as what we liked and what we didn't like about these two WP security plugins. Sucuri comes with a better user interface with simpler options to strengthen the overall security. You can harden the security by enabling various features. Integrity checker for the core files is a notable essential feature. In most cases, hackers and potential abusers tend to make changes to a core file and create a backdoor.

Sucuri helps you protect your website from these incidents by checking the files against a secure remote installation.

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The post-hack options are another nice touch. These can help you save the website whenever you detect any suspicious activity on your website. On the other hand, Wordfence comes with its own suite of options. The dashboard offers more information and provides an overview of the whole website at a glance.

ExtraWatch PRO

The brute force preventing feature will keep the intruders away, while the live traffic will show a handy list of the current visitors. The web application firewall is a great touch to enhance your website, but you have to be careful with it. Inexperienced users might lock themselves and lose access to the website.

As we've discussed so far, you know that both of these services offer a free version.

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But both service also offer a number of premium options. We would recommend that you click on the image below to see the difference between these tiers. Check difference in tiers. This is the top tier platform, apart from Enterprise and Custom solutions for big businesses. You really can't put a price on peace of mind, and we do believe Sucuri is the best option of the two products compared here.

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See full platform features. Wordfence offers a free plugin which you can download. Still not convinced? Try Sucuri Security for WordPress. Page load time is a huge factor of online experience. If you decide to use the Sucuri CDN service, you can expect increased customer satisfaction rates, more page views, increased conversion rate and decreased bounce rate. Our review of these two plugins would not be complete if we did not provide a Wordfence testimonial. Even the free WordPress version offers loads of features to keep WordPress sites safe and off spam lists.

From an extensive security audit over a full-featured firewall to heaps of additional options, the plugin will do its best to keep hackers and other shady individuals at bay. You might also want to check out our full list of security plugins here. If you are considering other options, one of the other providers to make your website resilient is Sitelock. This is another cloud-based service which protects your domains without taking the load on the actual site itself. If you'd like to know more, visit our Sucuri vs Sitelock article to see all of the details of this comparison.

Wordfence Security is a firewall and malware scanner for WordPress. It can protect your website from hackers in two ways. The firewall stops malicious traffic from hitting your website. The malware scanner searches through your website's files to ensure that they are clean from any hacked files. Yes, there is a free version which you can download for Wordfence. While the free version is a good start when it comes to securing your site, we would always suggest going for the premium version, for something as critical as protecting your website.

Yes, it is highly recommended that you get one. With vulnerabilities being discovered in both the core and several popular plugins and themes every month, it is hard to stay on the ball when it comes to keeping up to date. A WordPress security plugin will help you with the heavy lifting and ensure your site does not get hit by hack attacks which can be easily prevented.

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While this is a subjective question, from our review a we hae seen above, we believe Sucuri is the best option when it comes to security plugins. BYour might also discover strange links on your site, content which you have not written, or get messages from your WordPress hosting site and possibly even the Google Search console. If you start seeing strange things on your site, or a significant performance degradation or other issues which you can't put your figure on, it's a good idea to speak to a security expert.

If your site is not well protected, there are several serious issues which can significantly affect your website, business and particularly your visitors. Now that we have compared all the features and options of these plugins, we are going to make our own choice. Along with being a renowned web security brand, the support offered, add to this, the simple user interface which makes it a lot easier to use the plugin and well what can we say, we can't find much or anything wrong with this service! We know our website and content will be protected. Our privacy won't risk being compromised at all.

So, what do you think about these two security plugins for WordPress? And do you agree with our choice of Sucuri Security as the preferred choice among these two? Or do you have another opinion when it comes to Sucuri vs Wordfence. Let us know in the comments. Editor's note: As has been rightly pointed out in the comments below, the Sucuri link is an affiliate link while the WordFence link isn't. There is a very simple reason for this, Sucuri has an affiliate program while WordFence doesn't. As you can rightly see, we did not give any preference to WordFence vs Sucuri in terms of CTA's exposure, or depth of research.

We simply feel that Sucuri is the better security service between the two. The affiliate link does not cloud our judgment at all.