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This is especially true for women, who often take their husband's name after marriage.

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To find proof of a name change, take a look through your state's marriage records and court records. You can then search all the names you've located using an online people search directory.

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If the person you're looking for changed her name after marriage, it's a good idea to locate a copy of her marriage certificate. It will be much easier to find your friend if you know what her married name is. Visit the website of the National Center for Health Statistics, and click on the state where the person you're looking for lives. Read the section in the "Marriage" tab.

This either tells you where to write to get a copy of the marriage certificate or links to a page with information for that state. You can usually search marriage records using only the woman's maiden name. If the person has changed his name in circumstances other than marriage or divorce, then he might have obtained a court order. Members of the public can usually access court records unless the file has been sealed.

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Start by browsing the official state links maintained by the National Center for State Courts, which link to case and docket information in the area you're searching. You can also call the court clerk for the county where the person lives or lived and ask how to access the court records.


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