How to get a divorce in massachusetts

If you or your spouse lives in the county where you lived together, you should send the forms and fees to the Probate and Family Court in that county. The hearing date will be set by the court after all paperwork has been filed. Both spouses must attend the hearing unless the court has accepted an attendance waiver for one spouse. A spouse would have to file a motion requesting a waiver of attendance before the hearing for this. The judge may ask questions about the affidavit or separation agreement.

Once the judge has determined that there is an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage and accepts the separation agreement, an order is entered. A judgment nisi is entered automatically 30 days later.

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A "divorce judgment nisi" is the time between when a judge grants your divorce and when the divorce becomes final. The judgment nisi doesn't become final until 90 days from the date it was entered. You can't remarry until days from the date of entry of the order approving the separation agreement.

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If you would like to continue helping us improve Mass. Massachusetts Court System. Get a no-fault 1A divorce You can file for a 1A divorce when both spouses agree that their marriage has irretrievably broken down and they have reached a written agreement about child support, parenting time, alimony, child custody, and dividing marital assets.

How Do I File for Divorce in Massachusetts? | DivorceNet

What you need. How to get. More info. What you need for Get a no-fault 1A divorce You can file for divorce in Massachusetts if: You've lived in the state for 1 year, or; The reason the marriage ended happened in Massachusetts and you've lived in Massachusetts as a couple In addition to the required court forms, you need a certified copy of your civil marriage certificate. First steps First, you'll need to write a separation agreement, and both spouses must sign it and have it notarized.

File your papers To begin, you need to file: Certified copy of your marriage certificate, which you can get from the Registry of Vital Records or your city or town. Separation agreement you should have already prepared this. If you have children under 18 Couples with children must also do the following: Both of you are required to attend a parent education program unless it's waived by the court.

You'll receive a certificate after attending. See Indigency for more information. Fill in what you want the court to order. With this, you also need an Affidavit , where you explain what happened and when to the judge, and a Proposed Order form. Write exactly what you want the court to order on this form. The hearing and nisi The hearing date will be set by the court after all paperwork has been filed. Open PDF file, Open PDF file, 6. Open PDF file, 1. Online Probate and Family Court locations. Feedback Did you find what you were looking for on this webpage?

An ex-spouse can be covered under your health insurance as long as neither one remarries. Upon remarriage of either party, the ex-spouse is no longer eligible for coverage. They can be covered by a rider to your policy or by an individual plan through your employer. For more information see G.

What to Expect in Attorney Fees and Costs in Divorce in Massachusetts

In most cases, remarriage has no effect on a prior child support order. However, where the new spouse has high income or assets, this could be different. Child support is based on certain concepts. One of them is that each parent has to use their income for their own living expenses and obligations. While a new spouse has no obligation to support a stepchild, they do have an obligation to support their spouse. Where the new spouse has enough income to support themselves and the parent, this could mean that the parent has more income available to support the child.

As such, a judge could change the child support by considering this factor. There is a conflict of interest between divorcing spouses even when they cooperate in getting the divorce. A lawyer cannot represent both parties in a divorce because a lawyer owes a duty to his client and can't divide this duty between two clients. While one attorney may draft an agreement that is fair to both spouses, each spouse should have their own attorney review the agreement before it is presented to a Judge for approval. The easy answer is to file a divorce and serve your spouse. Upon filing an action for divorce, an automatic financial restraining order issues.

It is binding on the Plaintiff upon filing the divorce and binding on the Defendant upon service of process on the Plaintiff. This means that once the initial divorce papers are served on the spouse, the spouse is prohibited from transferring or hiding assets except for ordinary living expenses and to pay their attorney.


If they want to use assets for another purpose, they need the written consent of the spouse or an order of a Judge. When the Plaintiff files the divorce and when the Defendant is served with the complaint and summons, each party is subject to an automatic financial restraining order. This order prohibits each party from transferring money except to pay usual and customary living and business expenses or to pay their attorney.

It also prohibits parties from incurring debt in their spouse's name, or changing life or health insurance policies. Violation of this order may be punished as a contempt of court. I don't want to pay child support any more. Can I relinquish my parental rights?

The Divorce Process in Massachusetts (1/3)

Generally, no. The courts will only terminate parental rights when there is another person adopting the child to take over the child support obligation or in extreme cases of abuse. The focus of child support is the child and not the paying parent. Termination of parental rights harms the child by reducing the parents of the child by one.

This is considered harmful to a child. Certainly, a child support obligation can be burdensome to a parent. However, the parent does not have the option of eliminating child support by terminating parental rights.

Legal Information: Massachusetts

Massachusetts has adopted a limited appearance representation rule for lawyers LAR which is effective in most counties. Under this rule, clients can hire attorneys for limited matters such as one day in court, preparing and attending a pretrial conference, taking depositions, or drafting documents.

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  • Only attorneys who have been trained under this rule may accept LAR clients. Attorney Alan Pransky has been trained under this rule and accepts clients on a limited appearance basis. This practice is called ghost writing and was prohibited under the Attorney's Code of Ethics. However, Massachusetts has adopted a limited appearance representation rule for lawyers LAR which allows ghost writing as long as the document reflects that it was drafted by an attorney. Under this rule, clients can hire attorneys to draft documents.

    The limited appearance rule is not effective in all courts in Massachusetts.

    What is the ideal Philosophy for a Divorce Lawyer to Keep Costs to a Minimum?

    Traditionally, once a lawyer accepted a litigation case, the lawyer did everything. The client never went to court without a lawyer and the lawyer drafted every document. Of course, attorney fees relate to the amount of work performed by the lawyer. The more work the lawyer did, the higher the fees. Massachusetts has adopted a rule which allows lawyers to represent clients for individual days, actions, or to draft individual forms.

    While this rule is not effective in all courts in Massachusetts, it is available in most probate courts. In a divorce, within 45 days after service of the complaint and summons on the Defendant, both parties must provide to the other three years of records tax returns, bank statements, investments statements, insurance information, etc.

    How to file for divorce in Massachusetts

    These documents must be produced even if the other side doesn't request them. If you don't have these documents, you must get them. Failure to provide these records can result in court sanctions. Every person who appears in a divorce or support proceeding that involves money or finances must fill out a financial statement.