How to record onto vinyl

Want to put your home recording on vinyl? There is a trend for musicians to create compelling packaging to try to entice listeners into buying a physical product rather than just taking a free download.

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Whether you offer a free download or not, chances are, your music will be available for free somewhere through peer-to-peer [P2P] sharing. One of the ways artists are distinguishing themselves is to offer vinyl records.

This retro format is a viable option for breaking through the noise and getting your music heard. It takes a lot longer to make a vinyl record than a CD.

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Expect to wait close to eight weeks for your finished record. Not everyone has a record player. In fact, as attractive as it may be to put your music out on vinyl, the vast majority of your fans will not have the proper equipment to play it. So, when you print, keep this limited market in mind. The average independent artist only prints a few hundred records at a time.

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A typical record player has a type of needle called a stylus that is placed gently on the vinyl record resting in the beginning of one of the groves. As the vinyl disc steadily rotates the stylus moves through the wavy three dimensional groves. The stylus is a tiny crystal of sapphire or diamond mounted at the very end of a lightweight metal bar like a needle. As the crystal vibrates in the groove, its microscopic bounces are transmitted down the bar.

How to Make a Vinyl Copy of Your Home Recording - dummies

The stylus fits onto the end of an electromagnetic device called a cartridge, containing a piezoelectric crystal. The metal bar presses against the crystal and each time it moves, it wobbles the crystal slightly, generating an electrical signal. These signals are fed out to the amplifier to make the sounds you hear through your speakers or headphones.

Not all record-player cartridges use piezoelectricity to convert sound vibrations to electrical signals. Some have tiny electrical coils and a magnet inside them.

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When the stylus moves, it pushes the magnet up and down past the coil, generating electrical signals that are fed to the amplifier to create sound through your speakers. Its difficult to imagine when or how vinyl could ever be replaced by a new music format claiming to do it better!

The Basics of Vinyl

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