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At The Village, we partner with professional Christian counselors who help us care for the people of our church and the local community. If you would like to be connected to a local counselor, please complete this form.

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You can see a counselor or other mental health professional just like you see a physician for your physical health: for occasional check-ups, or more regularly during a less healthy season. Counseling can be helpful when life is going well but you want help examining your heart and mind for blind spots and opportunities for growth.

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You can also begin counseling if you notice a cycle of deterioration or suffering that you need help navigating. Some experiences in our lives call for a higher level of care, and using specialized or trained professionals can bring helpful insight and support.

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If you have thoughts of harming yourself or others, please immediately call , or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at There are multiple avenues that God uses for support and healing when we suffer. Healthy relationships and knowing God through the Scriptures are necessities for care, change and growth.

When it comes to mental health, we believe that it is wise and good to seek those who are trained and skilled in this specific work. God has gifted and called certain individuals to advance His kingdom through this effort. I am having trouble in my marriage. Should we see a marriage counselor or do individual counseling first? Marriage counseling can be helpful to help identify unhealthy or sinful patterns originating from both parties that negatively impact a marriage.

A few examples would be:. If the marriage is safe, a good start would be seeing a marriage and family therapist and following their recommendations on individual counseling.

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We do not recommend marriage counseling if there is any form of abuse in the marriage, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial or sexual. We recommend individual counseling that addresses the abuse first. Once safety has been established a conversation regarding possible reconciliation can begin. Outpatient — In traditional outpatient counseling, you usually attend one session per week that lasts approximately an hour. These specifics may differ depending on the recommendation of your counselor and the severity of the situation.

Intensive Outpatient Program — This level of counseling involves multiple sessions per week that last three to four hours at a time.


Day Program or Day Hospital — This level of counseling has you attend Monday through Friday for the entire day, going home every night. Inpatient Program — In this level of counseling, you check into a facility and can stay anywhere from one week to multiple months depending on what is recommended. Two years later in , Billy and his wife Sally, moved to Indiana where he completed his masters degree in counseling.

He and Sally returned to Dallas in , joined the Fellowship Dallas staff and later became the Director of the Counseling Center from — It was and is an empowering work of God. He believes that if you truly help people taste for themselves redemption in a way in which they personally benefit, they will naturally worship God who made it all possible. True service and worship, he says, only spring from a heart that has personally benefited from tasting the good results of what God has done for them. Billy sees the Old and New Testament emphasizing an experiential knowing which gives rise to wisdom.

His response is as follows:. When spending time with Billy Grammer one gets the sense that he really likes what he does, and what his life is all about. Spending time with family such as going to the park, riding bikes, swimming, taking vacations together, and going to movies. Also, an occasional golf outing with friends and an expensive cigar and a great drink to enjoy during the round is a lot of fun! Nashville, TN, mainly because he grew up there and feels an occasional visit is nice and comments they have real trees and real grass there!