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Because court running is a premium service that requires a person to do work on your behalf, you should request a court runner only when you know the person you're researching has a criminal record from a specific court or if you strongly suspect he or she has a record and you want to confirm your suspicions.

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Otherwise, you risk paying a significant amount for nothing, and this fee is usually nonrefundable. Notably, court runners only retrieve criminal records, so you can't use them to obtain divorce records, civil court records, birth certificates or death records. Court runners usually complete the service in two to four days. If some records are listed as pending, it means there is still a scheduled court date, pending charges or some other pending action. The former indicates only that the person was apprehended by law enforcement, but does not indicate guilt.

An arrest record can show the person was held for questioning, taken into custody, held for investigation, or charged and tried. This list can include former coworkers, roommates, business partners, relatives, spouses, children and friends on social media. Since these lists are computer generated, much of the context in the relationship is lost. Bankruptcy is a legal procedure where an individual or business seeks legal protection against the debts they have incurred.

People file bankruptcy when their debt is so high they are incapable of paying it according to their creditors' terms.

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People file for this when their debt is unmanageable. The process starts by liquidating non-exempt property to repay as much of the debts as possible: second homes, secondary vehicles, stocks, bonds, available cash, valuable heirlooms and any other high-value possessions. This is most common with businesses, as it allows them to repay debts under the supervision of a court in such a way to allow the business to continue operating. It requires the business to develop a profitability plan, show cost-cutting measures and show how they are increasing revenue.

If an individual files a chapter 11, they are most likely an owner of a small business. The advantage of this kind of bankruptcy is it allows the individual to have the repayment terms determined by the court rather than the creditors. A lawsuit is filed when a plaintiff person, representative or business has a claim or dispute against a defendant and seeks a formal judgment from a court.

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  • Lawsuits can be filed between citizens, businesses, states and government entities, and the judgments are legally binding, resulting in financial penalties or criminal liabilities. In the United States, you can file a lawsuit for just about any reason, which has resulted in a high percentage of frivolous lawsuits. As such, finding a civil lawsuit on a background check report can be a red flag for a number of reasons, especially if the lawsuit was filed by the person.

    That said, it may also mean nothing. A tort is one of the most common types of a lawsuit for seeking money. The intention of seeking a financial judgment makes it the most common lawsuit filed. A family action lawsuit is filed when a family has a dispute requiring a formal decision. This is where you find lawsuits for custody and child support issues. It can also be used to determine will and inheritance disputes.

    Private nuisance lawsuits are between two private citizens, where one believes the other is interfering with the enjoyment of property or quality of life. Embezzlement is a type of white-collar felony theft in which the person used company funds for personal purposes without approval.

    Typically, the crime is an employee in accounting or finance with access to financial accounts, and the crime occurs over a long period of time. Embezzlement is a crime with different motivations than other crimes, according to a Hiscox Study on embezzlement. Perpetrators are often trusted, long-time employees who came into tough times, such as a sick family member. It typically starts out with small amounts, but as they go uncaught, the amount of damage an embezzler can do to a company is dramatic.

    An eviction occurs when a landlord provides a tenant with a legal notification to leave the property. Eviction laws vary by location and municipal codes, but typically, a tenant is evicted due to failure to correct a problem that violates the leasing agreement such as paying back-rent or meeting requirements stated in the lease. There are different degrees to a felony, with first degree being the most serious.

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    These crimes typically include murder, aggravated or grand theft, rape and other violent crimes. To be charged with a felony, prosecutors have to get an indictment from a grand jury. For it to show up on a background check report, the person either admitted guilt or was found guilty by a jury and required to serve prison time. While there are many types of liens, each lien is either consensual or non-consensual. A consensual lien is determined through a contract agreement between the lien holder and the lienee.

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    For example, a mortgage is a consensual lien between you and a bank. If you fail to pay the lien, the bank takes ownership of your home. An involuntary lien is one where the lien was created by law and not a contract. Unlike a felony, a misdemeanor is a less serious crime, like certain traffic offenses and minor drug offenses. Some misdemeanors require the person to serve jail sentences in a local city or county jail, and most sentences are short.

    However, misdemeanor sentences can run consecutively, allowing for some to serve many years in jail. Protect your children. Best structured settlement annuity companies Sell your annuity for quick cash. Best debt settlement companies Debt relief companies rated. Peachtree Financial Solutions review. Fairfield Funding review. Strategic Capital review. DRB Capital review.

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    It should go without saying, but using background check services makes it far too easy for people to step over the line. As such, you should never use the information to do the following:.

    All of these are stalking behaviors as outlined by the Department of Justice. Always be respectful of other people's boundaries. The right pool of talent provides an assurance on all the necessary performance indicators following out in progressive results for any business. Process Flow. Simonette D'cruz. They have a consultative approach and guides company for an objective based solution.

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