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Your work in writing, storytelling, theater, and related healing and social change arts can bring you greater fulfillment and enable you to help others find and amplify the voices and visions so needed to address the challenges facing our communities, culture, and planet.

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Whether you're just starting out, making a mid-career transition or revisioning your life's work after retirement, this training guides you toward what constellation of vocation works best for you and your community now and when the path meanders. This hour training begins with a 2-day intensive September th at The Casa Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona where the Power of Words Conference will be held immediately following , and continues through mid-December with online study and community support, weekly video conferences with entrepreneurs and leaders in the field, weekly group check-ins and discussions, individual consultations with Laura and Caryn, and a toolkit of resources for planning, marketing, further training, and next steps.

Goddard students: Undergraduate students in all Goddard College problems can do this training and earn 3 credit hours. Please email CarynMirriamGoldberg gmail. Read more testimonials. This training is for writers, storytellers, activists, facilitators, organizers, educators, musicians, artists, health professionals, community leaders, seekers, and others who deeply engage with the power of words for changing our world.

We find the mix of participants spanning many decades -- from their 20s to their 70s -- makes for a very rich cohort group pooling their wisdom, passions, discoveries, and resources.

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Because this is an individualized program, you engage with the tools, prompts, resources, and discussions that speak to your path at this moment. Throughout the training, you will find ample guidance, inspiration, and your own best way forward, whether you are just starting out, changing careers including how to work with the day job while the dream job evolves , retooling your current work, or discovering what's next after retiring from other work.

Our RLPT class included a long-time writer transitioning from college teaching to community facilitation, a retired spiritual director ready to immerse herself in poetry, a high school English teacher infusing his teaching with more TLA while developing his storytelling career, and a writer, workshop facilitator, and college student finishing her study in nonprofit management.

Much more than documents.

Participants spanned over 50 years in age, and came together from throughout the country. Your Callings for Right Livelihood : Explore and amplify your callings to find and develop your most authentic work. Resilience, Self-Care, and Community On the Journey : Become more resilient, hone your self-care practices, and find and keep community that supports you in your work. Building Community, Creating Connections : Explore how to help yourself and your communities challenge and transform the stories we live. Learn how to pitch your work effectively and build nurturing connections. Ethics and Values Inherent to Your Work : Guide yourself and your work by the light of your most sacred and intrinsic beliefs and concerns.

Authentic and Soulful Marketing and Branding : Craft a marketing plan that reflects your values and goals; develop your brand true to you and your work. Stay true to yourself, and increase your confidence when talking about your work. Integrative Finances and Money Matters : Set appropriate rates, maintain basic record-keeping and tax filings, and address money and worth issues while growing your work over time.

Following the Path : Advance the work of your heart at your own pace, balancing income, current work, family and community responsibilities.

Explore how to hold true to your calling when the path changes. Assessments and Next Steps : Look at future training options, when to take leaps of faith, ongoing research, and opportunities for further outreach, work, and assessment. By the end of the training, you will have a clearer understanding of your path to Right Livelihood, including what works call to you, how you will do it, and what resources you will need, including the following all or some depending on your path :.

An individualized, interactive, and s trategic plan with options for change and unfolding opportunities.

6 Private Catholic retreat centers where you can recharge your soul in solitude

A preliminary study of the needs of and possibilities to reach your best audiences and populations. Soulful and ethical marketing materials and strategies as needed, including social media presence Facebook, LinkedIn and other sources , an enhanced or new website copy, word-of-mouth marketing ideas, and written materials to use in promotions. An inspiring community and mentors as you continue down the path of your callings and vocations.

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  8. You will be linked through a private Facebook group where you can share triumphs and questions, ask for help, and find continuing community beyond the training. We also offer a discount package -- resources, coupons, and special opportunities -- for you to consider as you launch your work, including a tool kit of inexpensive sources for DIY websites and blogs, printing and promotional material, head shots and other photography tips, plus discounted coaching packages available with Caryn and Laura. We meet at the spectacular yet secluded acre Franciscan Renewal Center offers a tranquil oasis in the heart of greater Phoenix for quiet reflection, prayer, learning, healing or joyful worship.

    The campus features a newly remodeled ft swimming pool and spa, gift and book shop, labyrinth, healing garden, desert walkways, buffet-style dining, and private bathrooms in every lodging room. Mon, Mar 2, pm. Fri, Nov 8, pm.

    6 Private Catholic retreat centers--Aleteia

    Thu, Dec 5, pm. Mon, Dec 30, am. Sun, Dec 22, am.

    Sun, Jun 14, pm. Sun, May 31, pm. Sun, Jun 7, pm. Sun, Dec 8, am. YCP Phoenix St. Joseph Saturday Retreat. Sat, Nov 23, am. Joseph Saturday Retreat with your friends. McMahon who built and ran the property for two decades and has lived onsite since the purchase by the diocese.

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    8. Among them is the visit from Mother Teresa on February 3, McMahon invited her to visit the Cursillo retreat center. The next morning, before departing Phoenix, Mother Teresa blessed Mt. Claret with her presence. People got wind of the fact that she was going to be here, so the place filled up in no time.

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      After she spoke, I brought her out through the sacristy. The bible Mother Teresa signed and photos during her visit to Mt. Claret are on display in the main administration building at the retreat center. The display was dedicated by the Risi family of Phoenix on September 5, Also unforgettable for Msgr. McMahon are all those who have experienced spiritual renewal through Cursillo. To date, approximately 35, people have been touched at Mt. The inspiration of Mt. Claret to build their programs. These retreat ministries are modeled after the Cursillo in many ways, according to McGuire.

      Claret home and are the fabric of Mt. Claret today. Christ Child has touched the lives of children in need in the greater Phoenix area since through educational programs and the distribution of layettes and bedtime bags. In , the organization began holding their days of prayer, masses and various meetings at Mt. Claret where Msgr. McMahon served as their spiritual director. Under his guidance the Christ Child Cottage at Mt. Claret was dedicated in January