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You can then click on a riding or city on the map shown to display a more detailed map.

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Search by place name i. Search by list all of Canada or by province : Choose a province from the pull-down menu, then click the "Search" button. A list of electoral districts for that province will be displayed. George F.

Jarrett M. Connect With Lost Friends "I needed to find an address for my friend, and I only had the phone number. Nery R. Discover Explore more ways Spokeo's search tools can work for you. How to Track a Phone Number read more. Monday-Sunday: am - pm PT. Sometimes, searching by last name only will pull up a family member that you recognize.

If you have a 9-digit ZIP code, it can be tracked to the exact block within a city or town. Now you can search in directories in that area for this person.

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If they are not in that directory, call directory assistance for that area. Many times people will have an unlisted number, which, while not in the book, is often in directory assistance. Search social networking sites. If given the option, be sure to narrow down the results by specifying a hometown or school, etc. To search all the major social networking sites simultaneously, use a search engine like Wink.

Consider more non-traditional searches. Sometimes Facebook and Google don't exactly give you the information you're looking for. If there are Most states have court search websites where all you have to do is after acknowledging the terms and agreements, of course enter a person's name and all their run-ins show up in a nice list.

If nothing else, it's juicy and may give you their location if they're in-state. While there's no national website, most states have records of their inmates. A quick Internet query will turn up what your state's site is make sure it's.

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The National Personnel Records Center is a pretty comprehensive list of military records. Post an ad. If you know where the person is located, post an ad in the local online bulletin board e. Explain who you're looking for and why. If you want a long-term ad, build a simple website that uses their name as a keyword. If they ever search their own name, your site might turn up.

Keep the person's privacy in mind; don't reveal any incriminating information that you know about them. Carefully consider posting in a friend-finder forum. Friend-finder forums are available and are moderated by "search angels" or volunteers who use special people search tools. Method 2. Ask around. Get in contact with other people that knew the specific person you're searching for or can put you in touch with someone who does.

Ask them questions about when they've last seen them, talked to them, or any personal information like last known email addresses or phone numbers. Be sure to explain why you're looking for this person.

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They may not tell you anything to protect the person's privacy, but they'll probably tell the person that you're looking for them, and the person might want to get in touch with you. Leave your name and phone number behind for that purpose. Look into organizations that the person might have joined or been associated with.

It could be a hobby, church, non-profit, or professional organization. Ask for a copy of their membership directory, if available, and check for the person's name there. This is also a good place to find people who may know something. If they can't tell you exactly where the person is, they may be able to get you one step closer. Consider forking over some dough. If you're really hard up to find this person, spending some change may get you the info you're looking for. Sites like www. If the internet doesn't or won't do it, consider hiring a private investigator.

If you're having no luck, or you don't have enough time to track this person down, it may be better to pay a professional to do this. Make some phone calls. Though it might be a bit awkward, the best way to get to the person is through their network. Whatever you know of them last, get the people in those circles on the phone. Whether it's a boss, an old girlfriend, or a neighbor, make the call.

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It sure beats driving all over the place. Be sure to be friendly and to appear sane. The world is so full of negative media nowadays that a stranger inquiring to us about a friend of ours comes off as really shady. You might get a few nasty responses, but you also may strike gold. Visit the courthouse. Though an online search should warrant similar results, sometimes a good trip on foot to your local courthouse or whatever courthouse is in the person's vicinity can churn up new information. Find the public records office and make good with the clerk.

Who knows? Maybe there's something back there that could get you on the right track. Fair warning, there may be a charge.

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It should be fairly insignificant. Just be glad they're not handing out your public records, too, like candy. Method 3.

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  8. Call the police. Once you're fully confident this person is indeed missing, alert your local law enforcement. Unfortunately, people disappear every day and there is a routine to this event. Be sure to give them all the person's information: age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, skin color, distinguishable features, what they were wearing when they disappeared, etc.

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    Give them a current photo and their fingerprints if you have them , too. File a notice online. You'll be able to update it accordingly and see if anyone else has posted further information.