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In other words, simply downloading a voice-activated app on the smartphone that you already own is less of a commitment and a lower barrier to entry than going out and purchasing, setting up, and learning how to use a whole new device namely, a smart home speaker. Mobile app developers have come to a similar conclusion, with thousands making their first foray into the realm of speech recognition.

ASK allows third-party developers to create apps and tap into the power of Alexa without ever needing native support. With over 30, skills and growing, Alexa certainly outperforms Siri, Google Voice and Cortana combined in terms of third-party integration. Securing themselves as a bonafide platform and go-to leader in the space of speech recognition app development simply being a happy by-product of this decision.

Here are some that stand out from the crowd:. With a mission to enable travelers, students, business professionals, employers and medical staff to read, write and speak in languages, iTranslate brings us one step closer towards real-time, universal translation and communication across borders.

How to use voice activated search on your Android Device 4 0 and higher

In an effort to help their users avoid those pesky international data costs, the app even comes in an offline mode. Acting as a personal translator in the palm of your hand, the app is available on all iOS devices as well as Android and Windows phones.

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All you have to do to start a translation after you have the desired languages selected , is tap and hold. Once you lift your finger off of the screen, the app will automatically detect which language was spoken, process the speech, and speak the translation out-loud as well as providing an on-screen text version.

As simple as that, you can translate voice-to-voice. Combining the speech recognition technology and produced audio assets namely, compelling music and sound effects , The Wayne Investigation seems almost like an old-timey radio show with a modern technological twist. During the first week, the game engaged seven times more per weekly average than all other skills combined; earning the top spot for both total time spent engaging with the skill and average time spent per user. We carry our phones with us everywhere we go — from our bedside tables, living rooms, and even to our bathrooms.

Boasting over 4, recipes by real-life chefs and top food bloggers, SideChef will quickly become a staple in your arsenal of kitchen tools. SideChef differentiates itself from traditional cooking and recipe apps by offering narrated voice-guidance to actually read the recipe out loud and step-by-step; allowing the front-and-center chef to keep their hands free and focused on mincing meat, folding dough or stirring sauces.

How To Integrate Voice Commands Into Mobile Apps

If your hands are covered in the remnants of all the vegetables you just chopped, you can interact with the app using only your voice. One Piercing Note is the first chapter available through Runescape Quests: a captivating mystery game where the player becomes the voice of a courageous adventurer, tasked with solving a murder. The crime scene investigation soon takes a turn for the unusual as dark, demonic secrets are uncovered in the seemingly serene abbey.

Google Assistant Commands

Reminiscent of text-based PC games where you could type in directions, commands and answers to questions navigate through fantastical worlds , Runescape Quests works in the same way — except instead of text, you use your voice. Chicken Scream is different from other games in that the only way to move your character along its journey across dangerous moving landmasses, bridges that collapse after walking on them, and floating spiked balls of doom is by your voice.

Stay silent to keep the chicken still, speak to move the chicken forward, and squawk loudly to make it jump. In fact, we even tested the app using chicken sounds from different languages around the world. AI posts a new trivia question for you to respond to, from arts and entertainment to literature and science.

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Thus, consider optimising content for question-based queries — in practice, this could mean revamping or initiating development of FAQ content so that a virtual assistant will answers such queries. Marketers that serve up quality, accurate content to address user intent will fare better than their competitors in audible, sequential search results.

Things Google Assistant can do: how to use your Google Home speaker

There are a range of web tools to help publishers explore natural language phrases that can guide content development. Brands can capitalise on such patterns in voice searches by ensuring their Google My Business listing is complete and accurate as well as by managing their online reputation responding to customer-generated reviews. Aside from interoperability, the possibilities of voice as a modern search standard are only starting to be unlocked.

As machine intelligence gets better at facilitating smoother and progressively intuitive voice recognition interactions with people, undoubtedly, the marketing challenge of voice search will be rooted in a high-stakes search results environment as machines offer humans the best possible result in the moment, lessening reliance on screen interaction and rich snippets where users select their results from a page of visible, text-based options.

Today, an estimated million people use voice-activated assistants at least once a week globally. Access the recording of the event here, and arm yourself with the knowledge necessary to future-proof your marketing strategy.

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Alternatively, you can sign up to our events calendar here and be notified first about our upcoming events focused on tech, innovation, digital and social media. I want to learn more about Meltwater. Voice Recognition is High-Tech The marked improvement in voice recognition that we enjoy today is underpinned by leaps forward in natural language processing NLP and machine learning which have powered an intelligent understanding of the subtleties of accents and dialects; the result is a more precise voice search experience that can adapt and scale.


Rise of the Machines Digital voice assistants DVAs have entered the mainstream and the consumer market is loaded with standalone digital aids from major tech firms such as Google, Amazon, Apple and Samsung; each promoting their own version of a voice-activated device. Related Posts. Follow us. Get great insights by email! What we're saying on Twitter Improvement doesn't always mean new flashy add-ons. Chat with us. I want to learn more about Meltwater I'm an existing customer.