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Do not fill out this field. Your email So we can get back to you. Message required. Get directions to this address. Was this page helpful? I was looking for: required. Comments are helpful! Keep the feedback coming! While the list of overdue taxes has grown much longer in recent years, county officials note that the number of properties that actually are forfeited has remained relatively flat. Even after not paying their taxes for nearly six years, most people eventually pay up, and the majority of parcels are retained by their owners.

Of the parcels listed as long-delinquent last year, only actually were forfeited. The other two-thirds were rescued at the last minute when owners paid back taxes, penalties and interest -- or at least started a payment plan -- by the Nov. Dicklich said he expects the vast majority of this year's parcels to be retained by their owners as well.

Because state law leans toward protecting property owners, the system allows five, six, even seven years or more of nonpayment of taxes before forfeiture and eviction. That compares to banks and other lenders who likely would foreclose after a matter of months if you stop paying your mortgage.

Homeowners complain of rising property assessments in St. Louis County

But it's not a free lunch. There's a 10 percent penalty for missing the first year's property-tax payment for residential properties. From the second year on, 10 percent interest is charged yearly on the unpaid balance.

That can add up fast for owners of hundreds of parcels such as those owned by Kaper, who owes St. The long grace period before actual forfeiture also allows property owners to use the county as a sort of safety valve when finances aren't good.

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Kaper is a millionaire who lives on a 7-acre estate in Barrington Hills, Ill. He told the News Tribune he owns millions of dollars' worth of property in multiple states. But when his cash flow dipped and he found himself holding properties worth less than what he paid, Kaper said he opted not to pay some of his property taxes.

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Kaper said his Illinois property deals have dried up. Kaper said he will pay his entire overdue tax bill in coming weeks to rescue his St. Louis County land holdings and pass them on to his grandson. Kaper said others should know about the county's willingness to set up payment plans so they don't succumb to bad decisions.

Everyone who thinks they have to forfeit their land should know about this. The state is really the good guy on this.

Assessed values are up in St. Louis County; here’s how to appeal

You don't have to lose your land. Kaper, 75, said he grew up in an orphanage on Chicago's South Side where he later learned to make deals at flea markets. He received a law degree from DePaul University but practiced only briefly, saying he much preferred the rush from real estate wheeling and dealing.

He remains a registered attorney in Illinois, records show. His name doesn't show up in a search of archived Minnesota news stories, and only a few times in Illinois, despite real estate deals worth tens of millions of dollars that led to major suburban Chicago developments. He's also a collector and trader of fine art and antiques. He now owns the opera glasses that Abraham Lincoln used on the night he was assassinated at Ford's Theater.

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I called him back recently and asked him to insult me again, but he had just filed Chapter 11," he said with a laugh. The suit made headlines in Chicago newspapers for Kaper's unabashed gall to ask for the ring back. Still, the suit worked. I like making deals," he said.

I still date women in their 40s.

How And Why To Appeal St. Louis-Area Property Assessments | St. Louis Public Radio

In the late s he says he can't recall the exact year Kaper said he went on a fishing trip with several guys on some lake near Duluth he can't recall the exact lake. But he got terribly seasick. He said he has an inner-ear disease that gives him vertigo, and he couldn't go back out in the boat. While waiting for his flight to return to Chicago, Kaper said he wandered into the St. Louis County Courthouse in Duluth by chance during a real-estate auction being held for tax-forfeited land.

I think I bought 20, acres that day. Since then, he's bought and sold thousands of acres of rural forestland and urban parcels across northern Minnesota. According to county officials, most of the parcels Kaper owns now are blocks of undeveloped land inside the city of Duluth that he purchased a few years ago.

Kaper says for decades Minnesotans didn't know the deals they had, with land values a fraction of what they were back in Illinois. He said he knew land values would eventually rise in northern Minnesota, and he was right. Now, he's hoping they will rise even more. I loved it, I had great times," he said.