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We are passionate about what we do, and passionate about your constitutional rights. If this arrangement is accepted, then the charges would be dropped. A drunk driving offense can be devastating. There are a wide range of alcohol-related charges that individuals can face, all of which carry potentially devastating consequences if an individual is convicted.

The base level first time of an Operating While Impaired starts with a blood alcohol level of. For blood alcohol above.

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Many times that enhancement can be dismissed as part of a plea agreement. In many jurisdictions across West Michigan, it can be difficult to get a reduced plea agreement if the driver also causes an accident. This is a fairly recent development in the way drunk driving cases are prosecuted. Few things are worse than being accused of criminal sexual conduct. Even if you are found innocent of the charges, the stigma can follow you for life.

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Whether convicted for a misdemeanor or a felony assault and battery crime, any conviction can change your life forever. Even the innocent should never assume that a proper legal defense is not necessary. Due to the complex nature of the legal system, foregoing adequate legal representation can lead to unforeseen consequences and affect every aspect of your life.

Domestic violence is an area in which we represent the accused and often the victims although not in the same case. We can assist a person who is a victim with making sure their rights are asserted on their behalf and ensuring they are fully aware of the options available to them. The most serious of these criminal acts is armed robbery which is committed when a person uses or threatens to use a gun, knife or other deadly weapon during the commission of a robbery.

Being accused of embezzlement or employee theft can tarnish your reputation and ruin your professional career. If you believe you are under investigation for embezzlement or if you have been questioned about missing funds, contact an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. Crimes are often committed because of drug or alcohol addiction. The courts will often take into account what a person does to deal with that issue in deciding what the appropriate punishment is. If you have a son or daughter that is charged with a crime and is addicted to drugs or alcohol, we can help.

With our experience and training, we work with the best people and treatment programs to get your son or daughter the help they need to get them off drugs or alcohol.

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  • When most people think of theft, they tend to think it only includes the actual or intentional taking of the property of another without their permission. Many fail to realize or even believe that accepting even as a gift or buying stolen property, commonly called receipt of stolen property, is also considered theft. Expert Criminal Defense If you are being investigated for a crime, the best time to contact us is right now. Experienced Defense The criminal defense attorney you want when it matters the most.

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    Professional Defense We will help you manage the stress and worry by keeping you involved at every step of your case. Previous Next. We will stand by you and stand up to protect your rights and interests whenever and wherever you need us to — in negotiations or in court — for issues involving the following areas of law:.

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    A criminal conviction can seriously affect your future. We provide aggressive, cost-effective criminal defense representation in both felony and misdemeanor cases.

    With the help of an experienced divorce family law lawyer, divorce can be about more than just the end of your marriage. It can be the beginning of a new and better chapter in your life. We will help you understand your rights and all of the debt relief options which might be appropriate for your situation, including Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and non-bankruptcy solutions as well.

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    We handle the drafting and management of wills, power of attorney, trusts, and more. We handle liquor control including licenses and violations, the purchase and sale of businesses including due diligence and the business agreement, as well as business litigation and dispute resolution.

    Call today for a free consultation to see how we can help your business through its legal issues. We will listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We will give you the attention you deserve and the strong legal representation you need. We are committed to providing all of our clients timely, honest and quality representation.

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