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Alleviate Fear The intent of releasing predatory offender information to the public is to alleviate fear, not create it. Requirements In addition to Risk Level 1 notifications, Minnesota Law authorizes the release of risk level 2 offender information to agencies and organizations which serve persons that have similar characteristics with those the offender had previously victimized. Requirements Minnesota Law authorizes the law enforcement agency where the risk level 3 offender resides to release information to members of the community whom the offender is likely to encounter.

For more information, please visit the following resources: The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension BCA personal safety and other information related to compliant and non-compliant predatory offenders. The Minnesota Department of Corrections maintains a public website providing community information on Risk Level 3 offenders residing in Minnesota.

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U.S. Supreme Court Declines To Hear Minnesota Sex Offender Program Case

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