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Georgia Healthcare Directives. Georgia Obamacare. Georgia Democracy. In both Georgia and Alabama, child support is computed through the use of a mathematical formula.

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  • The calculations use the gross incomes of both parties, child care costs if any , health insurance costs for the child if any and other child-related expenses. Your personal monthly expenses such as rent, utility bills, and credit card bills do not impact child support calculations.

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    Only child-related expenses affect child support calculations. In all divorce cases, the issue of alimony is left to the discretion of the judge, and unlike child support, there is no formula for calculating alimony. The length of the marriage, the incomes of the parties and the household expenses of the parties are factors that impact alimony determination.

    If the parties have children, most counties require divorcing parents to attend a class to learn about the effects of divorce and visitation schedules on minor children. In Georgia, the class is referred to as the Seminar for Divorcing Parents. In Alabama, it is referred to as the Trans-Parenting Seminar.

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    The class is usually only a single, one-night session and not a series of classes. Guardianships are temporary in nature and the legal parents do not terminate their legal rights as a parent. A legal parent may petition at any time to have a guardianship revoked. In certain circumstances, we will need clients to provide us with documentation at the time we commence our representation or later during the natural flow of the case. Skip to main content.

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    Who may request a Divorce Verification? Divorce Verifications are available to the public. What information is required when requesting a Divorce Verification? The person requesting a divorce verification must provide: 1.

    State, jurisdiction or territory Unexpired official Identification Card issued by another U. State, jurisdiction or territory Unexpired U.