Obama must show birth certificate to supreme court

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Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories

Nobody with any power believes them, so they don't count. So let them post on and on about unnamed experts saying President Obama is ineligible, while the "amateur Constitutional experts" who sit on the little-known judiciary body established by Congress called "The Supreme Court" repeatedly shoot down any lawsuit that seeks to challenge Obama's eligibility. Because again, a blogger who is a paralegal on the side who says Obama is ineligible to be President has more authority than the Supreme Court.

Incidentally, for those thinking that the 14th Amendment somehow changed the Constitutional equation regarding "natural born" citzenship, it did not. The understanding of what constituted birth citenzenship was already a well-settled concept in both English common law and U.

Sheriff Joe Arapaio says Obama's birth certificate is forged

The 14th Amendment's wording was not needed to clarify birthright citizenship -- it was to establish the citizenship of all former slaves. Prior to that, slaves regardless of whether they were born in the U. There is no change in the definition of "natural born" and there doesn't need to be a change: Chester Arthur was born in the U. Same goes for Obama -- he was born in Hawaii, and is a natural born citizen regardless of his parantage. That has been the way the law has been construed since the inception of the Constitution.

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The "neo-birthers" are barking up the wrong tree with this novel interpretation of "natural born". How nice of the loonies to actually send a representative to our discussion and no, I don't mean the Canadians.

All PDFs are assembled in "layers", and then whether or not those layers are directly selectable depends on the level of compression you wish to utilize for the final PDF. I'm really sick and tired of hearing about the mountains of evidence that exist to prove that Obama is not an American citizen, but then it usually just amounts to a lot of hand-waving and "experts state So put up or shut up: where are the actualy statements from these "computer experts" you reference?

Reading up on Arthur, he became president after the 14th amendment waqs ratified and therefore qualified as a citizen under that. During the campaign, his opponents tried to make out that he had been born in Ireland, and when that failed to stick, that he was born in Canada, which they weren't able to make stick either.

Unfortunately at the time his opponents did not, apparently, have access to the brilliant legal brains that now populate the internet. This is ridiculous - as EG points out, plenty of countries including the US give citizenship to children of citizens.

Barack Obama not 'too British' to be president rules Supreme Court - Telegraph

What about American Jews? Most are probably entitled to Israeli citizenship. Would this exclude them from office? Or to take historical examples, what about Andrew Jackson, born in the US with both parents immigrants from Co Antrim. Did this make him ineligible? Racists are forever looking for ways to exclude people on technicalities. Let them pass their laws so the supreme court can squash them and we can be done with it.

But didn't the definition of "natural-born" change with the 14th amendment? C-Art would have been born under a different regime. That said, thank you of reminding us of a fair time when mutton-chops were as American as hoop-skirts and corruption. As much as I consider birthers as just another sector of the tinfoil hat brigade, I watched the video which bsteadman1 considered a 'fascinating story of how Lucas Daniel Smith obtained a certified copy of Obama's birth certificate directly from the birth hospital'. Basically this loony Lucas is just saying, 'my copy is better that your copy' This whole birther thing with; 'where was he born', 'to whom was he born', and 'from where did they come' Well, the fact that people now question Chester Arthur's eligibility does illustrate the arbitrary character of the whole concept of a "natural born" citizen.

Scholars seem to disagree with a few arguing that the natural born clause was repealed by the 14th amendment's equal protection clause and others arguing that Americans born abroad to citizens are not "natural born. Wrapping the natural born clause in a debate about the finer points obscures the fact that it is blatant bigotry and discrimination.

Where does the president get the power to issue them?

Did the President Really Seal His Own Personal Records?

The U. Constitution does not explicitly provide for executive orders. Thus, the power to issue executive orders can be interpreted by the courts as a necessary presidential power. Supreme Court has held that all executive orders must be supported either by a specific clause of the Constitution or by an act of Congress. The Supreme Court has the authority to block executive orders that it determines to exceed the Constitutional limits of presidential power or involve issues that should be handled through legislation.

As with all other official actions of the legislative or executive branches, executive orders are subject to the process of judicial review by the Supreme Court and can be overturned if found to be unconstitutional in nature or function.

Updated by Robert Longley. Share Flipboard Email. Updated September 10, Obama agreed with the criticism, saying,. This administration stands on the side not of those who seek to withhold information but with those who seek it to be known.

Justices turn aside another challenge over Obama's citizenship

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