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Prior to joining Deloitte, Jason spent 18 years in the British military where he worked in security and intelligence around the world. Speaking at the following sessions: Regulating the future: safe, inclusive, connected Panelist. Her role as Account Executive is to guarantee the proper use of the public funds given to the projects that are selected as part of the portfolio and support them throughtheir acceleration program, guiding and connecting them with the ecosystem and Start-Up Chile network. She has supported and advised more than 80 startups.

Start-Up Chile is a public startup accelerator created by the Chilean Government for high-potentialentrepreneurs to launch their startups and use Chile as a foundation. First program of its nature in the world, it has grown its networks and has been the focus of academic research all over the world. In the past 6 years, Start-Up Chile has received more than startups across the three programs it offers based on the stage of the startup The S factory, Seed, Scale.

Education : - study at Humboldt University at Berlin, department electrical engineering, — PhD informatics Potsdam University routing optimization. Since joining the association, Aarti has lead the expansion of ESOA from a European association to one that represents the interests of 20 global and regional satellite operators based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

She reports directly to their Chief Executives. Aarti has nineteen years' experience in the aerospace industry, starting at Daimler-Benz Aerospace now Airbus in Germany. In , she moved to Brussels, representing Airbus interests in the European satellite navigation program: Galileo. Aarti is of British-Indian origin and holds British and Belgian nationalities. She lives in Brussels, has 3 children and speaks 5 languages. As a wireless technology expert,she has 15 years of work experience in the development of key technologies and international standardization.

He joined Ericsson in in Aachen, Germany, and has since then contributed to the standardization and the development of cellular technology, from 2G to 5G.

He has over the years gathereda broad range of expertise, from the radio access, through the core network, to the service layer. In the last few years, his focus has been on the application of 5G technology to critical machine-type communication in the field of industrial automation. He holds a M.

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By sharing your real world expertise and technical skills, you demonstrate outstanding technical community leadership. Thank you. Speaking at the following sessions: AI, financial services and smart cities: harnessing technology for human good Panelist. A distinguished engineer, leader, and diplomat; multilingual standardization expert and holder of 22 patents, Tunisian born Dr. Key achievements under his tenure have been important new standards while effectively managing staff by recruiting new talent, improving gender balance, delivering new work methods, and staying within budget.

Prior to , he worked in the private sector for 15 years. As Director of Standards, he managed more than 50 staff and the company participation in more than 90 standards organizations worldwide. Danielle Jacobs is CEO of Beltug, the largest Belgian association of digital technology leaders from businesses and public institutions, with more than members.

Under her leadership, Beltug has built on the priorities of these ICT managers to achieve a number of successes, including developing a Market Study on the Belgian business ICT market, acting as an interlocutor for businesses on software license issues, and lobbying with public entities at the Belgian and European levels to clarify key issues including indoor coverage for mobile communication, data protection GDPR , e-trust services, 5G and more. Danielle is also President of the Board of INTUG, the international association of business users of electronic communications, of which Beltug is a member.

Both Intug and Beltug want to bring down the barriers that companies and public institutions face when developing their digital strategy. Danielle has received considerable recognition for her efforts, including a Lifetime Achievement Award at the CIO Leadership summit, And shewas elected IT person of the year by Computable Belgium From to he was aSecretary General of the Council of Ministers, and in the period he was an Adviser to the Prime Minister on Public Administration and e-Government issues.

He managed and participated in the preparation of a number of conceptual and strategic documents and programmes in the field of e-government, local government and local administration, as well as public-private partnerships. He was a representative of Bulgaria to the annual meetings of the Open Government Partnership Initiative , He coordinated the Bulgarian contribution to the initiatives related to the European policies on implementation of the European Programme for Global Monitoring for Environment and Security.

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He participated in the strategic planning and policy making in the field of public administration and e-government. Securing trust in digital public services Moderator. In his role at Symantec, Bret Jordan works on advanced technologies, cybersecurity architecture, and leads cybersecurity standards. Through his role he collaborates with government agencies, critical infrastructure, industry thought leaders, and academic researchers around the world to help drive creative new technologies and solutions that can protect systems and data crucial to our way of life. Bret has over 24 years of experience leading global enterprises, startups, academic institutions and nonprofits.

He enjoys working on hard problems and helping design solutions that can change the world. Seventeen years of experience in food supply chains and related policy research, especially the relevance of short food supply chains and quality schemes in Hungary.

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Project and programme evaluator of FP7 and H calls since Naoto Kadowaki received B. His main interests of research are mobile and broadband satellite networks and wireless communication networks. He has 15 years of experience in developing real-time monitoring solutions for various industries and applications that harvest, store and analyze data from a multitude of sensors and data sources. Andreas holds a degree in computer engineering of the TU Berlin with a specialization in communication systems and software engineering.

Currently, he is working with his team to develop the best performing analytics solution for IP networks to deliver insights about overall network usage, quality of experience and subscriber behavior. Ervin started his career at a Big Four consulting firm. Later on he held various positions in the public sector; he also worked as Deputy Head of the Department of Infocommunication and Digital Economy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Transport participating in the development of the Hungarian ICT strategy.

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Speaking at the following sessions: The network operator of Panelist. He has more than 20 years of experience in the mobile telecommunications industry. Based on his knowledge obtained through his experience in several mobile operation companies, he has played a key role in various activities such as the development of ITU-R Recommendations and domestic regulations for "AXGP", which is a mobile telecommunications system based on next generation PHS, enhanced to incorporate LTE technology. George Kamiya is an analyst in the Strategic Initiatives Office at the International Energy Agency in Paris, where he coordinates the agency's work on digitalisation, automated and shared mobility, and tracking clean energy progress.

He previously worked on environmental policy and management issues at Environment Canada, Health Canada, and the Vancouver Airport Authority. Before joining RCC, she had a vast experience in public policy coordination and implementation in Albania. She held senior position in the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship and contributed to several reforms to improve business environment from As Director, Mr. Katsura is responsible for offshore expansion business implementation, with focus on human resource development.

I have been studying how to regenerate old abandoned lead-acid batteries, and to lengthen battery life since I establishedJapan Battery Regeneration, Inc.

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Our technology can solve the fundamental cause of battery deterioration with our patented additive, and itcan recover battery charging capacity like new batteries with proprietary regeneration charging using the additive called Super-K. Some of our activities include participation to APT Nepal project, and technical guidance to the battery regeneration service company in Bangladesh who regenerate old batteries used in telecom towers.

With our technology, reduction of industrial wastesand battery cost reduction are possible, and we hope to contribute to realize the future of sustainable development. Kawashima has been involved in various projects on ITS in order to develop vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems to improve safety and comfort of urban road transport.

He is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with interest in data communications and networking. He is also an expert in security systems. Loon is working to bring internet access to unserved and underserved communities around the world via a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space. Loon is a subsidiary of Alphabet. Kearney earned her B. Speaking at the following sessions: Expanding access with new radio technologies Panelist , Broadband today — and tomorrow: from wireless broadband to gigabit strategies Panelist , 5G and Future Networks: creating an enabling regulatory environment through public-private collaboration Speaker.

She is also, among others, a member of the Standing Committee on Finance National Assembly Committees , a post she has held since June She has been a member of the National Assembly since 21 May Pinky Kekana was born in Bela-Bela.

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Kekana has completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree specializing in Education and teaching. Kekana was a teacher at Bela-Bela High School. She wants everyone, but particularly women and girls to feel empowered. As the Deputy Minister of Communications and someone from a rural town, Kekana understands and recognises the vital importance of bridging the Digital divide between people living, working and travelling in regional and remote parts of the country and those metropolitan cities. Our society is rapidly moving towards using cutting edge technology and more people are getting access to the internet year on year.

Kekana believes that rural South Africans should have access to 21st century communications to run their businesses, complete their studies and connect with family and friends. Kekana was elected to the Provincial legislature in and was re-elected in In March she was subsequently appointed as the Deputy Minister of Communications.

As the Secretary General of PAWO, Kekana is committed to ensuring that all African women, regardless of where they live, have access to opportunities thatwill benefit them and their local communities. Securing trust in digital public services Speaker , Accelerating digital transformation through ICT centric ecosystem Panelist.


Speaking at the following sessions: Bridging digital divides through an integrated approach Panelist. A former primary school teacher he was responsible for teacher training in his region for 21 years. During this time he was deeply committed to supporting the education and integration of young people with Special Education Needs. In he co-founded Africa Code Week, one of the largest digital literacy initiatives organised on the African continent, involving over 2. In this capacity he is responsible for the bilateral policy and agro-economic relations between the Netherlands and respectively Hungary, Austria, Serbia and Montenegro.

Here he was responsible for the veterinary relations, creating market access for veterinarian products from the Netherlands with China and Hong Kong as well as the Russian Federation red meat. Furthermore he was the liaison with the European Parliament for agricultural issues in general. In this capacity he was he also responsible for the communication with the Dutch Parliament on all European agricultural issues and the position of the Dutch Minister on these issues.

Furthermore Mr.