Gay marriage amendment in kansas

Martin Luther King Jr. To really drive home the point, the bill asserts that any comparison between LGBTQ civil rights and race-based civil rights is offensive on its face:. WHEREAS, People of color at one point in this country had to ride on the back of the bus, walk to school and drink from colored water fountains, and for anyone to equate the race-based civil rights plight to the goal of many secular humanists to entangle the government with their religion is a per se act of racial animus that is deeply offensive to many people in the state of Kansas;.

The entire point of that section is merely to claim that what amounts to naked anti-LGBTQ intolerance is actually part of a long tradition of fighting for the dignity of the oppressed.

Kansas Backs Gay Marriage Ban - CBS News

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the bill is particularly concerned with the issue of marriage. That standard has persisted.

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Rather, these challenges to marriage equality could provide an opportunity for the Supreme Court to revisit the question of same-sex marriage now that Justice Anthony Kennedy no longer sits on the bench. Fortunately, neither of these aforementioned bills seems likely to advance.

The Tennessee measure failed to do so in its previous iteration, and Governor Kelly would, in all likelihood, halt the effort of these Kansas lawmakers in the event such a measure made it to her desk. The North Carolina bill is less expansive, focusing only on marriage equality. Additionally, the bill would make any marriage between individuals of the same gender, including those contracted in other states, invalid in the state of North Carolina.

The language appears to have been originally devised by the radical activist Chris Sevier, who has filed many frivolous lawsuits challenging marriage equality.

Are you abiding by the LGBTQ community's "daily code"?

He is particularly infamous for arguing in various suits that states should legally recognize his marriage to his laptop. Contact Us. Pizer predicted the Kansas bills would not pass.

The effort that went into generating this nonsense certainly might have been directed to doing something productive. The lawmakers who co-sponsored the Kansas bills have already begun to backtrack following a backlash, according to Rep.

Kansas bill claims LGBTQ community is a religion to justify every kind of discrimination against it

Woodard said he hopes these conversations encourage Kansas conservatives to endorse a landmark nondiscrimination bill he co-authored banning anti-LGBTQ bias in housing and the workplace. Co-authored by Rep.

Susan Ruiz, a Democrat and a lesbian, it has already collected 38 sponsors in the Kansas House. A Senate version garnered 17 more. Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated Rep.

Susan Ruiz is a Republican. She is a Democrat. Impeachment Inquiry Politics U.

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