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You are within 15 feet of the router. You don't have a firewall turned on.

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You're not near something that can cause Wi-Fi interference, such as 2. Turn off any battery-saving or power-saving features on the device. Uninstall downloaded apps that might manage or explore Wi-Fi networks. Update the device software to the latest version.

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If your device uses wi-fi 1. If you have access to the network equipment: Turn off your router and modem. Wait 30 seconds and turn on just the modem. Once the modem shows that it has established an Internet connection, turn on the router and make sure it connects to the modem.

Free Unlimited Data from T-Mobile Loophole

Turn your device off for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. Re-connect to add the Wi-Fi network. Android devices : Wipe the cache partition. Apple devices : Turn off Wi-Fi assist. When the plan renews the expiration date of any unused funds is extended 30 days. T-Mobile has discontinued their Tourist plan as well. T-Mobile sells data-only packages too.

You can activate any un-activated starter pack to it, but once a SIM is activated to a phone, it's not eligible for data plans. These data plans advertised for non-telephony devices only as "tablet plans", but work in smartphones too without voice or text. One day is based on 0. Furthermore there are Simple Choice data only monthly packages for 30 days with automatical renewal.

They include up to 5 GB data roaming in Canada and Mexico. Full LTE speeds are available up to the monthly allotment, including tethering, then service is slowed to "up to 2G speeds" for rest of service period. In , it was rebranded to 'metro by T-Mobile' with new offers added.

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All SIM sizes are offered. Stores may charge a fee to swap SIMs between to phones. Metro by T-Mobile offers only monthly combo packages with unlimited US talk and text and this data quota:. On the unlimited data plans data speeds are subject to deprioritization after 35 GB when the network is congested. Beyond some customers may get slower speeds in times of congestion. Video streaming is always limited to p. US Mobile is a prepaid wireless carrier, operating on the T-Mobile network. It started in and has an a la carte approach to talk, text and data plans with possible combinations to choose from.

You can only get their SIM cards online, through their website. The activation of the SIM card is done online on their website. US Mobile officially accepts international credit cards and both credit cards that have been tested Irish Visa and German Mastercard worked without any issues for recharges. There are no surcharges on top-ups and they are valid for 30 days after the day of the purchase.

If you're on auto-pay, the last chosen plan will be renewed. There is no roaming abroad, hotspot use is allowed without surcharge. SIM come either in mini and micro size or in nano. They have these monthly packages on offer.

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Beyond the allowances speed will be further lowered to kbps. All packages will auto-renew, if there is credit. If not, service will be suspended. Tethering is allowed without surcharges. When included data is used up, speed will be reduced to '2G speeds' of 64 Kbps.

For more data, you can only reset your plan ahead of time. Tethering is allowed and without surcharges.

Activation is done online or by calling from any phone except the one you are trying to activate. Top-up cards can be bought at some convenience stores and at Walmart only. Customer support can be reached on or online at www.

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When all data are used up, speeds will be reduced to 64 Kbps. Activation can be done here. Tehtering is allowed and free. It's not possible to send many internatl. Customer support is or online www.

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But you will have to choose one network and can't switch or roam. Reload cards or codes are available at convenience stores, supermarkets, chain drugstores and big box retailers like Target or online by credit card. They also offer so-called airtime cards to be added to the line for service, data, minutes and texts:. Tracfone users can make calls to 60 countries including Canada, Mexico, China and most Western European countries list for the same price as a domestic call.

To make an international call you first dial You will then prompted to select your language 1 for English and then to dial plus the country code and number. It's not possible to call other countries besides the 60 supported ones and Tracfone doesn't support sending international text messages either. You can buy the SIM card online , on eBay. Mini and micro SIM sizes are available.

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You need to activate you SIM card online or by calling from another phone. Reload PINs are available from their outlets. Alternatively, you can top-up online by debit or credit card. To this card, you can link auto-pay, but don't forget to cancel later. You can add these combo plans valid for 30 days.

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