National movement to incarcerate sex offenders

I am an Ex-Offender that currently works with Ex-Offenders trying to re-enter and re-connect with their families and communities. I agree the Prison system is the New Jim Crow and once you have the brand of ex-offender the fight is uphill.

Sex Offenders Monitored by GPS Found to Commit Fewer Crimes | National Institute of Justice

There is no such thing as a WAR on Drugs!! How can you have a war with an inanimate object????? I commend you efforts, your demands and count me in. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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  • The Social Reintegration of Offenders and Crime Prevention.
  • Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Our Vision There are tens of millions of people in the United States suffering the collateral consequences of a felony conviction. We are people who have been charged, convicted and branded with an arrest and conviction history. Millions of us have served prison time, and it is estimated that , people will be released from prison per year for the next five years while millions more will be placed on probation and face the extremely low standards of guilt for a probation violation.

    Washington State's Sex Offenders Are Sent To This Island (HBO)

    All of us have human rights that are being abused by the criminal justice system. We believe that imprisonment or conviction on a felony charge should not result in a lifelong violation of our basic rights as human beings, either while we are on probation, in prison or as we make the transition from prison back into our communities.

    We are firmly committed to prioritizing De-Entry over Re-Entry, and oppose the concept of a Rehabilitative Industrial Complex that grows along with prisons.

    Sex Offender Registry Websites

    All efforts to educate, assist, and empower our communities should be within the context of eliminating human cages as a mainstream livelihood. We have drafted an initial platform to develop a common voice, to pursue a common political reality and to secure our common interest.

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    However, we recognize that the current criminal justice system has never worked for people of color, poor people, or our community, and ultimately this system predicated on racism and torture should be dismantled. Prisons are not a substitute for mental health care, and jails are not housing for the homeless.

    We work to develop political power and healthy communities.

    Stay Informed

    The criminal justice system is cruelly devastating and disrupting, especially in communities of color. After two generations of the Drug War, the American people are suffering far more than when it began. Over 2 million people are currently locked up United States prisons and jails.

    Over 2 million children have a parent behind bars, and 10 million children have had a parent in prison at some time in their lives. We call on the U. We want an end to racial profiling, racial disparities, and the disproportionate imprisonment of people of color. African-Americans are admitted to state prisons at a rate that is These punitive drug laws need to be abolished. Women represent the fastest growing segment of the prison and jail population. African-American women are more than three times as likely as Latino women and six times more likely than white women to face imprisonment.

    The dehumanization faced by gay and transgender people is unacceptable, both inside and out of prison; for example, transgender and gender non-conforming people are six times more likely than others to go to jail or prison. We oppose the institutionalized racism and various modes of discrimination within the courts and prison system, and are working for alternatives to incarceration along with the rights of those inside.

    2. How often is offender information updated?

    This platform must be in conjunction with, and supported by, the pursuit of demands by formerly incarcerated and convicted people, our families, and community. Our Platform I. We Demand Equality and Opportunity for All People As a basic civil right, we demand equality and equal opportunity with other members of society, both when we have completed our sentences and while living on probation or parole. The lifelong discrimination people with convictions face is a form of double jeopardy that never allows us to finish serving our time.

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    Like this: Like Loading Pingback: Out of L. Hal Noyes Mebane, NC. Thats the plan Joan. Contact us for more information about Department of Corrections current and former inmates and supervisees. The following information can be provided:. Go to the U. Go to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website to locate the whereabouts of federal inmates incarcerated from to the present.

    BJS fuels myths about sex offense recidivism, contradicting its own new data

    This service excludes King County Jail. The National Sex Offender Public Website —coordinated by the Department of Justice—enables every citizen to search the latest information from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and numerous Indian tribes for the identity and location of known sex offenders. You can also search registry websites maintained by individual jurisdictions by following the links below. Note: the information contained in the national registry and the state and tribal registries is identical; the national registry simply enables a search across multiple jurisdictions.

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    • Note: Some tribes have entered into agreements with other entities to post their registered sex offender data on their official sites. Learn more.